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Author Topic: Waves 2  (Read 256 times)

Offline kitidudu

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Waves 2
« on: August 13, 2013, 08:23:25 am »
                                Game   : Waves II
                                Creator : creatingames and mat7772
                                Type   : Platformer                             

Hi, i'm kitidudu. I chosed to make a review about this game because   it's a platformer game and it's challenging.
Oh , water,water,water... But this is why the game is named Waves.
The game is interesting , it don't have story . No problem . The story don't make the game epic.  There are enemies like ninjas , wait, what? Ninjas in water? Aquatic Ninjas? A new creation what makes all with sense ! Now , let's talk about seriously things !
The background is pretty nice , combined with some blue tiles and decorations. Pretty hard to know about what is happening but , the game is ok.
Four blue walls are blocking everything( me too) . There needs to be something like a invisible switch or something!
 The game don't have much lag because it's on 8 bit graphics ( no light & other effects )
                  Traps & Enemies Placement
Now I will talk about the traps and the enemies.
I am swimming around and finding a ... Finding a Mutant! Exactly what I need ! There are some spines too under some tiles ,where you need to jump. Some of those traps are hidden or underwater . There are some closing doors next to the teleportator. You need to jump and get the key hurry. If you don't get the key  , you will supposed to replay the game!  The enemies are placed at reasonabile times. Congratulations! Good work !
Sometimes, I am stuck on some games , but this one have a medium-difficulty. Not a really challenging puzzle but you need to be smart to solve it ! Everything from this game has a role, mean something, and that's why I like Platformer games.
This game isn't easy and it isn't impossible, just cool . I play this game for fun. This means to PLAY A GAME! And this is why I've choosed this game! It's challenging , not like others but it has style . 
Every idea makes the game better, no? There are some strategies to get past the level. You need to be smart and a good player too. Every mistake is in your desavantage.

                          Item placement:

There aren't many items , but everything is at his place, some traps are hidden, some enemies are watching you,etc.
Powerups-  Oh, there are enough med kits and lifes (1 med kit and 2 lifes ).
Keys-  So many keys from so many doors . I think there are 5 doors and 5 keys . There are guradians ( enemies) to protect these keys too.
                            Design :
 The next thing I'd like to talk about is the Design. The design makes me feel like flying, because all is blue --> (The background, the water :D, the decorations and the blocks&tiles.) The design is  just one type of  decoration and some types of floor .

                            Creativity :
The game is a second-part of Waves I , so it's not very creative.It has a another design, but it isn't so original.
It is cool, hard and challenging. I like it's own style and design.It don't have story but everything is ok.
                      Time to beat the game / Difficulty:
I will talk about the time to beat the game and the difficulty.If you are a good player, you will defeat the game from 2 tries, because it is hard and it took like 10-15 mins to defeat ,for me.Sploder says : Difficulty 10 but it looks easier to me.

Enemies placement **** /*****                                                   
Item placement      ***  /*****
Design                   *****/*****
Creativity               **    /*****
Puzzle                    *****/*****

Overwall : 3.8*

Feature Worthy?
If you are asking if the game : Waves II is feature worthy, yes it is ,because it is a cool game and has a cool design.

Thanks for reading my review !

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Re: Waves 2
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2013, 12:02:22 pm »
This was copy/pasted

Offline kitidudu

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Re: Waves 2
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2013, 11:56:40 am »